Asset Tracking Solutions

What is an Asset Tracking Solution?

Fixed asset tracking made easy! Use Bar Codes Unlimited, Inc.'s custom, or "off the shelf" Asset Tracking Software, to track computers, equipment, furniture, vehicles and other valuable assets. Keep asset records up to date and periodically take a physical inventory of your fixed assets to gain unprecedented insight into your asset location and status with minimal cost, time and resources.

Asset tracking solutions encompass a vast array of applications, for example chain of custody tracking, fixed asset tracking and speciman tracking. In addition, there are specific solutions for check-in/check-out type applications

By utilizing barcodes and portable scanning technologies to carry out fast and accurate physical audits, you can cover thousands of assets across multiple locations in a single audit. Barcode scanning reduces the time spent on physical audits and improves asset traceability. Bar Codes Unlimited, Inc.'s software solutions are easy to use, custom made for your application and will improve the bottom line of your business!

What tools do I need for an Asset Tracking Solution?

Mobile Computer - A key component in an asset tracking solution is a mobile computer. The mobile computer, whether it's some type of smartphone , rugged barcode reader, a tablet or a small laptop, allows the employee in the field to scan asset barcodes and record any number of data items including location, condition, age, etc.

Barcode Scanner - In situations where the asset can be brought to a laptop or host system, a non intelligent barcode scanner can be used to read or decode the data in a barcode. Barcode scanners can be either wired (tethered) or wireless.

Application Software - Asset tracking software is the software layer of an asset tracking solution. The software may reside on a host server and on a mobile computer. The exact solution will vary but will allow users to track a variety of information about assets.

Barcode Printer - A barcode printer provides employees the ability to produce barcode labels on demand or in batches. Most barcode printers today use thermal transfer technology so asset labels are durable and permanent.

Reporting Tools - Ultimately all of this information is sent to a central system. This central reporting system lets management see the details of the jobs, inventory and schedules for their operations. Information is power and the right system can certainly put the information within easy reach.