Field Service Solutions

What is Field Service Solution?

Field service solutions are intended to streamline the flow of information for companies who have employees who are doing work at the customer's site for example, a plumber or a heating and air repairman. The goal of a field service solution is to more accurately capture the information about the work done and materials used in a job at the point in time that the service is being provided. Electronically capturing such information decreases the mistakes that might happen if it is recorded at a later time and it allows the home office to act on the information in a timelier manner for invoicing and billing purposes.

What Tools Do I Need for a Field Service Application?

Mobile Computer - A key component in a field service solution is a mobile computer. The mobile computer, whether it\'s some type of smartphone , rugged barcode reader, a tablet or a small laptop, allows the employee in the field to record the time spent and materials used on the job site.

Portable Printer - A portable printer allows the employee to look professional with their ability to print out a complete invoice for the customer at the time that the service is done. This will also accelerate the collection of payments because the customer is not waiting for a bill to be mailed to them after the fact.

Reporting Tools - Ultimately all of this information will be sent to a central system. This central reporting system will let management see the details of all of the jobs, inventory and schedules for their operations. Information is power and the right system can certainly put the information within easy reach.

Where Do I Start with a Field Service Solution?

With our years of experience, we can help design a solution that will work for both your budget and also how your company does business. Feel free to give us a call and discuss your needs. We would be happy to provide you with a tailored proposal.