Label Finishing Systems

Bar Codes Unlimited is now an authorized dealer and distributor of the Eclipse line of label finishing systems.

The world-renowned Eclipse digital label finishing machines are the key to creating a stunning finish to your printed labels and in a fraction of the time it takes to order and wait for cutting dies to arrive too. With the Eclipse Mini, never again will you need to keep rolls of redundant pre-cut label shapes on the shelf.

Fantastic value for money, this competitively priced label finishing machine has a compact footprint and is designed to harmonise label production and increase the flexibility of label production from a range of ultra-narrow web label printers.

Eclipse MINI combines many features you would expect to find on larger and more expensive equipment, making it accessible and affordable to the market like never before.

Accurate, fast, economical!

The Eclipse Mini digital die cutter and laminator is a production power-house in complete label converting and finishing. With self wound lamination option, digital cutting with industry leading output rates (graphic dependant), roll to re-roll, slitting stations x 2 slitter blades and matrix stripping as standard. With the ability to cut plain or printed media with the single point registration system, the Mini is a full production solution in a desktop package.

Precision engineering is the benchmark of the Mini and its manufacture quality and unique firmware delivers far in excess of comparable machines in the market today. 200mm o/d rolls x 115mm web width makes the Mini a perfect solution for continuous finishing to a wide range of medias like BOPP, polyester, paper, vinyl's and more. The Eclipse Mini is designed, engineered and built to a specification the printing community needed. Bringing affordable label finishing options to the micro label users of today.

Eclipse mini Features:

  • Digital cutting and slitting
  • Plotter Drag Knife technology
  • Lamination to protect your labels
  • Waste matrix removal
  • Final rewind
  • Control panel
  • Works with most desktop printers to create a full digital label solution

Eclipse Mini Specifcations:

  • Cut Width: 112mm
  • Cut Speed: 800mm axial maximum
  • Linear Cut Speed: Dependent on graphic
  • Cut Force: 0 - 400 grams in 1 gram steps
  • Cutting Type: Drag knife and tangential emulation
  • Registration: Single point registration mark
  • Cut Ability: Both printed and unprinted media
  • Max Label Length: 304.8mm / 12inch repeat
  • Lamination: Unsupported laminate roll
  • Maximum Roll Diameter: 200mm
  • Waste Matrix: Removal and rewind
  • Roll Core Size: 76mm
  • Interface and Software: WinPlot (Windows OS) cut software, cutter control parameter software. Plug-ins for CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator.
  • Power Supply: Single phase 110/240VAC, frequency 50/60HZ.
  • Dimensions: 1000mm (W), 600mm (D), 780mm (H)
  • Weight: 75kg
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    Eclipse Label Finish System Brochure

    Eclipse Mini Data Sheet