About Bar Codes Unlimited, Inc - Dayton, Ohio based experts on barcode printing, barcode technology, data automation and data collection.
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About Bar Codes Unlimited, Inc

Bar Codes Unlimited, Inc is the most complete source for barcode, point-of-sale, mobile computing, RFID, data collection and associated products you will find anywhere.

We stock thousands of products and offer same day shipping on most products, but that's just the beginning!

First Automated Supermarket Checkout System

Bar Codes Unlimited founder John "Jay" Dring demonstrates the first automated supermarket checkout system to U.S. Secretary of Commerce Elliot L. Richardson at the National Bureau of Standards in Gaithersburg, MD in 1976

We have been in the barcode and associated business since the beginning. In fact, our founder and CEO installed the first ever barcode scanning system in a grocery store in a Marsh Supermarket in 1970 while working for NCR. You can rest assured you are dealing with a company that knows the business!

As one of our loyal customers put it; "Bar Codes Unlimited, Inc is in touch with technology, as well as with their customers. They understand our business and our business needs and go out of their way to make sure we're satisfied. The customer service that they provide is excellent-in fact, I like to call it "yesterday" service!"

Bar Codes Unlimited, Inc. prides itself on service and customer support. With over 50 years experience in barcoding and auto identification, Bar Codes Unlimited, Inc. is your complete solution. Browse our site to discover what Bar Codes Unlimited, Inc. can do for you or link to one of our partners, but remember:

"We Exist because of our Customers!"

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